PTA Hands On behalf of IES Umeå, we would like to thank the parents of our PTA for helping make our school the best it can be!


PTA and School Staff

What is the PTA?
PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association and consists of parents and school staff
representatives. The purpose of the PTA is to enhance the school experience for
students and teachers, often by conducting fun and social activities. In order to be
able to finance these activities, the PTA also conducts fund raising drives, for
example, a flea market booth where parents can donate items. Participation in the
PTA is completely voluntary and we strive to have a representative from all classes.
The PTA meets approximately once a month and plans upcoming activities. Within
the PTA there are various committees which are responsible for different activities.
PTA should not be confused with the traditional “skolråd” (school council), instead,
the PTA can be seen as class parents (klassföräldrar) with the difference being that
activities are arranged for the entire school instead of a single class.

Our parents of the PTA are amazing! Thanks, PTA!!!

IES Umeå has a very active PTA that supports both students and staff making our school the best it can be.

PTA Meet & Greet w/ Burgers on the Grill
PTA Meet & Greet w/ Burgers on the Grill

A huge thank you goes out to all those that have helped us add books to our library this past year! Our PTA has played a very big part in that effort!

Good Books Make for Good Reading
Good books make for good reading!

Students are enjoying delicious home baked refreshments from our PTA and volunteers during our Disco. This is just one example of the many things they do to support our school. A big thank you to our Parent Teacher Association, "PTA"!

PTA Sponsored Refreshments during IESU's Disco
PTA Sponsored Refreshments during IESU's Disco