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Beyond the Classroom

Go Year 4 students of IES Umeå!

Congratulations to Philip for winning this year's Umeå Chess Tournament. Philip along with two of his classmates, Sena and Glenn have qualified to attend the finals which will be held in Stockholm. While this is a non-school related function, a big thank you goes out to our students, their families and Mr Niklas Nabb along with the rest of the Math team of IES Umeå for all of their support. We were told that Internationella Engelska Skolan has the most representatives in the finals than any other school. Here are our guys that qualified to go to Stockholm:

Proud students of 4B IES Umeå
Sena, Glenn and Philip standing proud!



IES Umeå Proud!

Thank you PTA!

Thank you PTA!

A big thank you to IES Umeå's amazing PTA for putting on yet another GGGGRRRRRREAT Loppis this past weekend! We are so thankful to have such supportive parents and volunteers to help our school be the best that it can be!

Student Work

IES Umeå's First Bird House!

IES Umeå's First Bird House!

IES Umeå welcomes this spring with our first bird house made by our very own student from 4B! It is now up on one of our trees ready for a family of birds to nest in. Thank you, Irene, for adding a touch of orange to our playground!

Young poets impress in contest.

Students from several IES schools have taken part in an English-language poetry contest.

The competition, encouraging students to explore their poetic side, was arranged by five IES schools north of Stockholm - Uppsala, Gävle, Falun, Sundsvall and Umeå.

Students from years 7 - 9 were asked to write a poem with the theme of ‘Hopes and Dreams’.

The overall winner of the contest was Louise Berntsson from IES Uppsala (pictured, right).

She said: "This was the first poetry contest that I have ever entered and so I felt very surprised to win. I was very happy to take part and also to have my poetry recognised by IES."

Rebecca Ryberg, the organisation’s subject facilitator for English, took on the challenging role as the contest’s judge. The schools taking part selected 29 poems for her to choose from, a maximum of three poems per year group from each school. After looking through the talented and diverse entries, Ms Ryberg chose the winners for each year group.

She said: "There were so many great poems written by the students; it was quite hard to judge.  The quality was extremely high, and I know their teachers are really proud of their work and efforts."

The winning poem:

The girl on the boat

She has that look in her eyes,

Like the life in her was drawn out by the mouth,

Unable to speak,

she looks so tired and weak.

The girl on the boat has dreams.


She dreams of a world where the only thing falling from the sky is rain,

Not bombs

Not shell casings

Not blood


She dreams of a world where the only things that crack open are watermelons,

and coconuts

Not innocent skulls

Or paper ribcages


She dreams of holding a math book in her hands again,

Of curling her fingers around a pen,

Of walking outside to see the sun smiling,

And at night, the stars twinkling.


The girl on the boat dreams of a world where living,

is not the same as surviving.


The other results of the contest by category were:

Year 7:

First place:  Molly Åberg from IES Gävle.  Poem: "Peace and Death."

Runner up: Kian Esfandiari from IES Uppsala.  Poem:  "Hopes and Dreams."


Year 8:

First place: George Makso from IES Umeå.  Poem: "Life is Not a Dream."

Runner up: From IES Falun, would prefer not to be named.


Year 9:

First place:  Louise Berntsson from IES Uppsala.  "The Girl on the Boat."

Runner up: Emma Hansson from IES Umeå.  "A Single White Flower.”