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Congratulations to students and staff

After almost a month back at school I would like to say congratulations to the students and staff for a brilliant start to the school year. As I walk around the school each day I couldn't be more proud of the excellent work environment around the school, and the hard work and focus in the lessons. Hard work pays off! The SPTs were at the start of the week, and the feedback from students and staff has been positive to the new format we had to do this year, I would like to thank everyone for adapting well to this.

As we say goodbye to the summer warmth, I'd like to remind students to bring in appropriate clothing for both colder and wetter autumn weather. 

Keep working hard in the classrooms and at home and I look forward to seeing you around the school. 

Times for school start

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

The following information is in English, if you need a basic translation, please copy the text and paste it into

We are just over a week away from the school start, and we are very excited to start the new School Year here at Internationella Engelska Skolan Umeå.

An email has been sent to all parents with a preliminary schedule for your child's class, there are always one or two minor changes to the schedules in the first few days, and the most up to date schedules will always be on SchoolSoft. If your child is new to the school, you will get a new login to SchoolSoft once school has started.

Your mentors will contact you during week 33 or at the start of week 34, please share any important information with them during these phone calls that might be helpful for staff to know.

The times for school start are below:

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Year 3 = 8:15-13:30

Year 4 = 08:15-13:15

Years 5 and 6 = 09:30-13:00

Years 7, 8 and 9 = 10:15-12:30


Thursday 20th August 2020

Year 3 = 8:15-13:30

Year 4 = 08:15-13:15

Years 5 and 6 = 09:30-13:00

Years 7, 8 and 9 = 10:15-12:30 (9b have different times, informed by mentors already)


Friday 21st August 2020

Years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 = Start Normal Schedule 

9a = 08:15-11:05 + lunch

9b = Offsite all day, info from mentors has already been sent out

9c = lunch and then 11:50-15:00


Monday 24th August 2020

All classes on Normal Schedule 

On Monday 24th August 2020 your child's mentors will hold an online Google Hangout for ALL parents in their class at 15:30 until16:15. This meeting will include a lot of important information, and we ask that all parents attend the online Google Hangout. A link and information about how to join the meeting, will be sent out by your child's mentor before the meeting.

If your child is sick, and unable to come to school on any day of the school year then parents must phone the School's sick line: 090-200 7 303 BEFORE 08:00 each day of the sickness. When leaving a message please remember to state your child's name and which class they are in.

The main communication channel for the school to parents is via SchoolSoft, a lot of important dates can be found there, and is always updated, so please regularly check in to SchoolSoft to keep updated. One very important date for your diary is the SPTs (Utvecklingssamtal) which will be on Monday 7th September 2020 and will be conducted differently this year. Your child will attend school for their meeting time (20 minutes) and parents/guardians will join the meeting via Google Hangout or via Telephone. There will be a limited number of appointments also available on Tuesday 8th September from 15:30-16:30. 

From the Principal

I'd like to wish all of our students, parents and staff a wonderful Summer break

Dear All

As the class of 2020 graduated, more than 4,000 IES students throughout Sweden have been awarded their school diplomas. This is normally a crowded event involving hugs and hats thrown in the air in front of friends and family.

The graduation ceremony, with its iconic blue caps and gowns is an important part of the tradition of Internationella Engelska Skolan - a right of passage for students to mark their achievements over several years of education. This year has challenged us all to find new ways to celebrate our students and their hard work within the limitations of the ongoing pandemic.

Despite the restrictions, we still managed to have a fantastic ceremony with Year 9, it was emotional, and the reward for many years of hard work with us and of course the hard work and support of the teachers, mentors and parents. We wish all of our class of 2020 the very best of luck in their futures.

For all the students coming back to us in August, school starts on August 19th for everyone. More information and times will be posted on SchoolSoft over the summer as well as your preliminary schedules for your new class.. 

I'd like to wish all of our students, parents and staff a wonderful Summer break. 

From the Principal

Thanks for all your support / Year 3 Additional class news from August 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Firstly a warm thank you for all the support you have given your children and the school during these strange times.  I have been so impressed with how the students have been during these times, and this is thanks to you as parents and of course the excellent teacher/mentor support. We feel really proud of the way the students have done their part for the safety of everyone in the school and those they meet outside.


Year 3 Additional class news from August 2020

It is with great excitement that I can announce that we have an extra Year 3 class starting in August 2020. We have had a lot of interest in the previous years to start a Year 3 class, so I'm very happy that we can finally offer 2 classes at this age group. For information regarding this if you are already in the queue please contact our reception, or alternatively if you haven't yet joined the queue please do so via this webpage. 

Additionally, for more informal updates, please check in to SchoolSoft and you are always welcome to follow us on our IES Umeå Instagram page, where we post daily activities happening at our school. Check us out at @IES_Umea.


Important Upcoming Events and Breaks


End of term - 9th of June 2020

School start Thursday 9th January 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

At this time of year it is always nice to thank all the parents, students and the staff at the school for all their hard work this term. Now we all have some time for rest to get ready for the Spring term, which always seems to go very quickly as we look forward to our Graduation in June (June 9th). 

Our teachers will be back in school on Tuesday 7th January, and the students first day will be Thursday 9th January 2020. School starts at 8:15 for all students, and ends at different times. Information can be found on SchoolSoft to confirm the times for this day.

Friday 10th January will be back to normal school times. 
Enjoy the holidays, and see you all again in 2020!