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School start Thursday 9th January 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

At this time of year it is always nice to thank all the parents, students and the staff at the school for all their hard work this term. Now we all have some time for rest to get ready for the Spring term, which always seems to go very quickly as we look forward to our Graduation in June (June 9th). 

Our teachers will be back in school on Tuesday 7th January, and the students first day will be Thursday 9th January 2020. School starts at 8:15 for all students, and ends at different times. Information can be found on SchoolSoft to confirm the times for this day.

Friday 10th January will be back to normal school times. 
Enjoy the holidays, and see you all again in 2020! 

From the Principal

Upcoming Events

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

It is hard to belive that we are already mid-autumn term.

The students have settled well into their new classes and it is really amazing to see how fast they make new friends. 

Mixing classes every year helps build social skills and a strong sense of community.

A few weeks ago, parents and students were invited by the mentors to school for the SPT’s / development talks for Autumn term. In these meetings, the students set academic and social targets for themselves for this academic year. I would like to remind everyone to keep working hard towards these targets. Teachers continue to work hard to support the students with their academic and social goals. 

Please check SchoolSoft regularly and do communicate with the mentor to ensure that your child, our student is progressing towards the targets set, and according to plan.

Important Upcoming Events for new students:

Tuesday 19th November 2019 - 15:30-17:30 - will be an Open House - Come and see the school, meet students, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Weeks 47  and Week 48 (Tuesday 19th November 2019 - Friday 29th November 2019) - Each day there will be tours with school staff, so that you can see a normal school day. If you are interested in one of the tours, please arrive at the school at 09:00, and a member of the team will be happy to show you around.

From the Principal

Thank you once again for a fantastic school year

Dear Students, Parents and Staff

Another year for the school has flashed by, our fourth in fact, and there are so many things to look back on and be proud of the 2018/19 School year. 

As a school we have grown quickly, from 202 students in 2015 to 515 students this year, we will grow with one more class overall in the 2019/20 school year, and I feel extremely confident and excited what lies ahead for next year too. 

In a situation of teacher shortages across Sweden, I feel very privileged and proud to work with the best here at IES Umeå. Teachers striving to give the best education to our students, and going above and beyond, really embracing the IES ethos. 

We have been working a lot in the Spring Term in preparation for the 2019/20 school year, looking at strengthening our routines and structure to ensure we are the best school, not only here in Umeå, but in the whole of Sweden, that is our goal.  In August, we will mainly welcome new students in Year 3 and Year 4, and a few students in other year groups too. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the IES Umeå family. 

It's always a strange time of year, both happy and sad, as we prepare to say goodbye to our Year 9s on Wednesday June 12th at Idun (Folkets Hus) from 17:15 to 18:30. We wish our Year 9s lots of success in their next steps in life, and we will remember the contribution you have all made to our school, we will miss you. 

Similar to last year, space is limited at Idun, so we request that Years 3-8 parents only come if absolutely necessary, or if you've never seen our graduation, you are warmly invited. I know that this doesn't sound nice, but it is a question of space, and the last two years has seen parents having to stand at the back, and this is not always so nice for over an hour. Students of Year 9 will all receive 2 VIP (Very Important Parent) tickets for seating near to the stage, so that they can take photos of their child when they receive their Diplomas and stand on stage for the passing of the knowledge. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, students, staff and parents a very happy and safe Summer holiday, and we look forward to meeting everyone on Friday August 16th 2019 for our first day of school at the following times:

Year 3: 08:15 (until 13:30)

Year 4: 08:15 (until 13:15)

Year 5 & Year 6: 09:30 (until 13:00)

Years 7, 8 & 9: 10:15 (until 12:30)

Lunch will be served this first day for everyone. 

One other important thing to note, is that school will begin at 08:15 everyday next year for most students. We have mapped the students arrival times, particularly those travelling from Robertsfors and beyond, and there doesn't seem to be any problems with this slightly earlier start time, it also enables us to finish earlier too, where we can.  There will be slightly staggered starting times for some classes, and as always, over the summer we will send home, via Parents emails, which class the students are in, and a copy of their preliminary schedules. 

Thank you once again to everyone for fantastic school year. 

International Language Competition

Internationella Engelska Skolan från Umeå gjorde succe i International Language Competition som ägde rum i Malmö i slutet på förra veckan. International Language Competition är en landsomfattande tävling där 27 000 elever på högstadiet och Gymnasiet först gjorde ett elektroniskt prov på datorn. De bästa lagen i sju olika distrikt möttes i en distriktsfinal och sedan var det dags för en riksfinal mellan de olika distrikten. Michael Yates tog hem första priset i Modersmål Engelska och Emmy Wahlström samt Henrik Lidström knep andra priset i Tyska.   Tyska finalen var extra spännande då det efter 21 svåra frågor var två lag som klarat alla svar utom ett. Det krävdes sedan tre extra frågor innan man kunde skilja de två lagen åt.

Upcoming Erasmus Project

The Partnership will promote practical, active, stimulating and beneficial teaching of the Arts across the curriculum and will do this through a programme of innovation in the Partner Institutions using collaborative methods in all fields of endeavour which will meet the needs of staff and all learners.

Click here for more information about the Erasmus Project

Please go an visit the other participating schools hompages :