Welcome back

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From the Principal

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. I hope that you all had time during the Autumn Break to recharge your batteries, and enjoy the snow at the start of the week, too. 

The first part of the Autumn Term is always the hardest (and longest) and I think that it is by far our best ever term we've had as a school. The new teachers, many of whom are international staff this year, settled in really well, and the new students in Years 3, 4 and 5 have also had an excellent start. A big congratulations to everyone! 

I am waiting to see Ms Sundberg, to find out the results of my annual reading competition with Year 3. I read a lot during the break, and am confident that I stand a good chance to win this year! 

There are many exciting things happening between now and the next holiday. Years 8 and 9 will have PRAO, there are National Test Oral exams, Lucia, End of Term Graduations, and our first ever Subject SPTs which will take place in Week 47 for Years 6-9. I look forward to seeing as many parents and students as possible at this event.

We will also celebrate the first term on Tuesday 18th December in the afternoon, this year at school, by having the avslutning, which parents will of course be invited to. Finally, as we await the snow to come and stay around this year, we have 3 new additions to our school playground, 2 GaGa ball arenas, and 1 football wall. Already after 1 day, these have been a huge success.