Fritids Program for IES Umeå

Fritids Friends

Internationella Engelska Skolan Umeå are pleased to offer Fritids for all students in grades 3-6. It is an environment where students are able to spend time with friends and staff from 06:30 until 17:30 every day.

At IES Umeå Fritids (All-Stars Fun Club) students can feel safe and relaxed, while also engage in social interactions, play games, enjoy crafts, go on field-trips and make new friends. Activities will be fun and stimulating for the students, and will take advantage of their curiosity and desire to learn. During the school year, you as parents will receive weekly newsletters including information on what is coming up and some feedback on the activities completed.

The All-Stars Fun Club has high expectations in terms of behaviour and being considerate to others. If we we feel that your son/daughter is taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere then we will be in contact immediately. IES school rules and routines still have their place everyday.

If you are interested in your child being in the Fritids program of IES Umeå, you will have to apply thru Umeå kommuns website, where you choose Internationella Engelska Skolan. If there is any problem, contact Maria Forsberg at Pedagogiska placeringsenheten, Umeå kommun, email:


Best regards,
All-Stars Fun Club (IES Fritids)
Fritids Phone: 073-3877583