Student Work

Creating shoes

IESUmeå’s Year 8 students have been hard at work creating shoes with a 5cm heel  that can withstand their weight, and can survive a walk around the classroom. We learned about the different forces exerted on shoes while walking, and have been discussing solid and stable constructions. The students had to think about different elements of design, and how to best support weight using simple materials from school. They did a fantastic job combining both engineering and creativity!

IES Umeå’s Year 7 Teknik students

IES Umeå’s Year 7 Teknik students have been hard at work lately planning and building houses that can withstand different climates for a mini-project. Each group of students had to choose a climate type that they wanted to construct their home for, and ensure that it would be able to survive different tests relating to that climate zone.

Some students built a home in the desert, and it had to withstand the warm winds of the desert (and keep an ice cube frozen while we held a blowdryer to the home). Other students chose to build a home in a polar climate, where it had to withstand heavy snowfalls (surviving under the weight of a heavy dousing of flour!).The last groups of students chose to build a home in a tropical climate, where it had to withstand heavy rains and flooding (staying standing and dry under a downpour of water, and pooling water at the base).

The students used materials that we had in our TK room-mostly recyclable and reusable materials. The students had two lessons to build and plan their house, and we had a great time testing them out! Check out their great work below!



Reading Buddies

9A English Class

Students from years 9 and 8 teamed up with students from years 4 and 3 to make reading buddies.

Reading Buddies Love Books

Who is reading to whom? Students had great fun reading and listening to eachother!

Reading Buddies in the library

It was great to see older students reading classic stories about wintertime and the holidays to the younger students. English is in the air!

IES Umeå Year 6 Students in the Spot Light

Math Honor Students via Chess

Way to go year 6 students of IES Umeå. They did a fantastic job representing our school in the chess tournament. Their trophy is now on display for all to enjoy! Thank you, Ms Edblom for helping make all this possible!