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Taking Math to the next level!

Go Year 4 students of IES Umeå!

Congratulations to Philip for winning this year's Umeå Chess Tournament. Philip along with two of his classmates, Sena and Glenn have qualified to attend the finals which will be held in Stockholm. While this is a non-school related function, a big thank you goes out to our students, their families and Mr Niklas Nabb along with the rest of the Math team of IES Umeå for all of their support. We were told that Internationella Engelska Skolan has the most representatives in the finals than any other school. Here are our guys that qualified to go to Stockholm:

Proud students of 4B IES Umeå
Sena, Glenn and Philip standing proud!



IES Umeå Proud!

IES Umeå's First Bird House!

Irene's Bird House

IES Umeå welcomes this spring with our first bird house made by our very own student from 4B! It is now up on one of our trees ready for a family of birds to nest in. Thank you, Irene, for adding a touch of orange to our playground!

3rd Place in Sweden - Språkolympiaden 2017, Spanish

Language Competition

Congratulations to Emma and Herman of IES Umeå for their 3rd place victory in this year's Spanish Språkolympiaden!

They competed against 5 different schools from all over Sweden in the middle school category. Here are the statistics:

1st place - Östratornskolan

2nd place - Helenaskolan

3rd place - IES Umeå

4th place - Nya Munken

5th place - IES Nacka

6th place - Ringsjöskolan

We are all so proud of you!

Ms Parpala

Hispanic Culture - a Cultural Diversity Celebration!

Fiesta 2017 IESU.jpg

Hispanic culture, a cultural diversity celebration!

A brief introduction to the Hispanic culture with Ms. Parpala.

Spanish speaking countries, the language, idioms, legends, arts, music, cuisine, history, social & family values of the Hispanic people!

We’ve had a great time with our photo booth, we learned how to do “Piñatas” and dance “Salsa”. We also made the most delicious “Guacamole” while listening to Hispanic songs and music like the famous guitarist Paco de Lucía and Shakira. Watching the “Flamenco” dance was so fascinating and of course… We’ve had a blast breaking the “Piñatas”!

Please check out our website's photo gallery for more pictures from our event!


Språkolympiaden / International Language Competition 2017

IESU Language Team

Språkolympiaden / International Language Competition 2017

Congratulations to all the students who will represent IES Umeå in “språk olympiaden”!

Week 6, Students of French, German, English and Spanish took part in the prestigious "Språkolympiaden 2017". After an 80 question quiz on grammar, the culture of countries and vocabulary,  English and Spanish students managed to qualify and get through the first round. We wish our students the best of luck!

Good luck to:


* Emma Hansson  -  9A

* Hampus Norén - 9A

English Mother Tongue:

* Dora Blake Farkas - 7A

* Chloe Johansson Rye - 7B

* Freya Robinson - 7B

¡Buena suerte!  Spanish

* Emma Wennebro -  8A

*Herman Roding - 9A

Spanish mother tongue:

* Sisa San Sebastian Hurtig - 6A

* Carmen Sánchez Ferrero - 6A

* Lucas Avlet Viedma - 6A