Santa Lucia

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Lucia Train 2017

Students and staff of IES Umeå enjoyed an amazing performance the morning of December 13th from classmates of IES Umeå. A wonderful Lucia Train started the assembly with students all dressed for the ocassion carrying lit candles singing the famous Santa Lucia song as they entered the gym. Many traditional songs followed, some in harmony, some with solos, and some with crowd participation. Our very own students were the musicians accompaning the singers as they performed. Some of our students in the spot light are: Elias Xie on piano, Valentine Önander on guitar, Patric Önander on percussion, Tilde Emilsson on flute, and Johanna Birgersdotter as Santa Lucia. A big thank you to Ewelina Lundholm and Chelsea Parsons for making this happen!

More pictures:

Santa Lucia Choir IES Umeå 2017

Lucia Train Prep

Candles Lucia Train 2017 Lucia Train 2017 Choir Close Up Lighting the Candles

The Band:

Pianist Guitarist Flutist


A huge thank you goes out to Chelsea Parsons for her amazing photography!