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From the Principal

Important Times for Friday 18th August 2017

Dear All,
Due to the fact there will be over 100 new students in Years 3 & 4, starting on Friday 18th August 2017, we have decided to stagger the start & end times on the first day. Please meet your new mentor in the playground at the following times:
Friday 18th August - Start & End Times
Year 3: 08:25-13:30
Year 4: 08:25-13:30
Year 5, Year 6 & Year 7:  09:25-13:10
Year 8 & Year 9: 10:25-12:30
From Monday 21st August onwards, school will begin everyday at 08:25.
Best Regards / Med vänliga hälsningar
Robb Cayford
From the Principal

Important Dates for 2017-2018 School Year

Important Dates for 2017-2018 School Year

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer break. Here are the dates for the 2017-18 School Year: 

Höstterminen 2017

2017-08-18 - 2017-12-20


Höstlov: vecka 44, 2017-10-30-2017-11-03

Jullov: 2017-12-21-2017-12-30 (inklusive helgdagar)

2017-09-15- PRAO day- whole school (No school this day)

2017-11-10 No school, regional conference


Vårterminen 2018

2018-01-10 - 2018-06-12  (12 June 17.00-19-00 graduation)


Jullov: 2018-01-01-2018-01-09( inklusive heldagar och två studiedagar)

Sportlov: vecka 10, 2018-03-05-2018-03-09

Påsklov: vecka 14, 2018-04-03-2018-04-06 (inklusive helgdagar)

Lov: 2018-04-30

Första Maj: 2018-05-01

Kristi himmelsfärdsdag: 2018-05-10

Lov: 2018-05-11 (efter Kristi himmelsfärdsdag)

Nationaldagen: 2018-06-06


We try and keep our dates very similar to Umeå Kommun; However, it is worth noting that we have one or two different dates, so please check very carefully. Remember, the most up to date school calendar can always be found at: cal.iesu.me

From the Principal

IES Umeå's First Graduation!

IES Umeå's First Graduation!

Congratulations to our first ever graduating year 9 students from IES Umeå. What an excellent group of students that have embraced and modeled for our younger students the ethos of IES. We all wish you the best of luck for all of your future endeavors! 

From the Principal

Week 14 of 2017 News

Week 14 of 2017 News

We are IES Proud!

Here is a link to week 14's newsletter:

IES Umeå NewsLetter - Week 14


Important date reminders:

No school Friday the 7th of April.

School dismisses at 11:30 on Thursday the 13th of April.

No school Friday the 14th of April.

Planning ahead... "Loppis" on Saturday the 13th of May. Please click on the link above to read the details!

From the Principal

Week 13 of 2017 News

Week 13 of 2017 News

Greetings one and all. Time flies when we are having fun! Highlights from Mr. Cayford's newsletter this week:

SPT Thanks

A huge thank you to all the Students, Parents and Teachers who participated in this week's SPTs (development talks). It is always very encouraging to hear all the positive things the students are doing in classes.

We see a real benefit of working closely with the parents, so thank you for taking the time to help support your children in school.

Important dates:

No school Friday, April 7th, 2017 of week 14.

Skärtorsdagen is April 13th, Thursday of week 15 so the school will finish that day at 11:30. Långfredagen is the next day, Friday the 14th of April so there will be no school. 

This information can also be found on SchoolSoft and the School Calendar.

Loppis på IES

Lördag 13/5 10.00 – 14.00

Bord 100 kr/st

PTA (föräldrarådet på IES) anordnar loppis på skolan så ta tillfället i akt och samla ihop saker som du inte längre använder och sälj på vår loppis: leksaker, kläder, skor, böcker, filmer, sportutrustning, cyklar mm. 

Vi håller till inne i skolan, men har man lite större föremål finns möjlighet att även stå på skolgården.

Från kl 8.00 kommer du ha tid att ställa i ordning ditt/dina bord.

Boka ett eller flera bord innan 1/5.

Mail: pta.iesumea@gmail.com

Fika kommer att finnas till försäljning.


SPT Dabb

From the Principal

Week 8 of 2017 News

Week 8 of 2017 News

Greetings one and all.

Exciting information this week:

  • Winter Sports Day this Wednesday, March 1st, 2017.
  • Seven of our students made it to the Swedish finals in the maths competition Pangea.
  • March 2nd there will be a PTA meeting at the school from 17:15-18:00.

... and there is more! Here is the link to IES Umeå's Newsletter from Week 8:

Click Here

From the Principal

Week 4 of 2017 News

Week 4 of 2017 News


Thank you to all the Parents, Teachers and Students that currently attend IES, who helped to make Saturday's Open House a great success for the new Parents and Students of IES, starting in August 2017! It was a fantastic day, and we welcomed 412 people to a very busy event.

Here is the link to this week's Newsletter from Mr. Cayford.

Week 4 of 2017 Newsletter